From The Voice of Romania Junior to a the new hit

Maia Malancus was invited to the ” La Maruta” talkshow where si talk about her new song, called “We’re not leaving here”.

Maia Mălăncuş was invited to “Teo Show”

Being invited at Teo Show, Maia talked about her new single, “We’re not leaving here”, and she has also impersonated some voices of singers such as Shakira and Ioana Ignat.

Maia Mălăncuş releases “Up At The Gate Of Heaven”

With the Christmas knocking on the door, the little and talented Maia Mălăncuş offers as a gift a version of the “Sus la poarta Raiului”( “Up at the Gate of Heaven”) carol. The video is shot in a dreamy setting and it was directed by Silviu Mindroc.

Maia Mălăncuş launches a cover after Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

On St. Nicholas’ Day, the little and talented Maia Mălăncuş offers as a gift a variation of the famous “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, the song that is already synonymous with the winter holidays.

Maia Mălăncuş live with Tibulca and Cotofana at Dimineata Blana

Maia Malancus, along with her band “RockFire,” was invited on St. Nicholas’ Day to Dimineata Blana, the matutinal of ProFm, by Radu Tibulca and Sebastian Cotofana.

The winner of The Voice of Romania Junior has released a new single

Maia Malancus, the winner of The Voice of Romania’s first season is releasing her second song, “Noi nu plecam de aici”- (“We’re not leaving here”), after her collaboration with ADDA for the “Vreau sa zbor”-(“I want to fly”) single.

I want to fly! Maia!

She was irremediably in love with Maia. “I adore it is a mountain of talent and energy and I am very glad to be part of her first single …

After The Voice of Romania Junior, the first single!

The winner of “The Voice of Romania Junior” has released his first song, which is a duet with Adda. Clip and lyrics are some explosive …

The voices of Romania face to face

The “little” voice Maia Mălăncuș meets with the “big” voice Teodora Buciu in the show “La Măruță”.

Maia Mălăncuș is The Voice of Romania Junior!

Maia Mălăncuș, the winner of the first Voice of Romania Junior, was on La Măruță show.