Maia Mălăncuş launches a cover after Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Maia Mălăncuș lansează un cover după piesa lui Mariah Carey - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

On St. Nicholas’ Day, the little and talented Maia Mălăncuş offers as a gift a variation of the famous “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, the song that is already synonymous with the winter holidays.
Maia Mălăncuş shot a colorful clip in a fairy tale decor and felt great at the filming of the video directed by Silviu Mindroc.
This isn’t Maia’s first cover, the young artist has so far released on her YouTube channel many of her own versions of popular songs, from Annie Lennox, Janis Joplin to Queen and many others.
Also on her channel, Maia periodically uploads vlogs with details of her life and the many activities she has got- drama acting, violin and piano, school and so on.

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