The winner of The Voice of Romania Junior has released a new single

Maia Mălăncuș - Noi nu plecam de aici

Maia Malancus, the winner of The Voice of Romania’s first season is releasing her second song, “Noi nu plecam de aici”- (“We’re not leaving here”), after her collaboration with ADDA for the “Vreau sa zbor”-(“I want to fly”) single.
Maia Malancus has returned to her mentor’s studio, Marius Moga, for her second song entitled “Noi nu plecam de aici”- (“We’re not leaving here”)
“In addition to homework, projects and many more things to learn, we also need … music! And music without dance or dance without music does not exist! Hence the inspiration for the new song, “We are not leaving here,” says Maia.
The little artist felt great when filming the video directed by Silviu Mindroc, along with her friends.
“I felt amazing because I danced with a lot of friends at school. It was like a game during the breaks between the classes, a break that lasted for an eternity, as we like it,” laughed Maia.
As for the song, Maia Malancus thanks Marius Moga for trusting and supporting her in everything she does.
“I thank the whole team, Marius Moga, Robert Toma, Loredana Cavasdan and Marius Mirica for supporting me unconditionally and for guiding me step by step in everything I do. I hope to convince you with this song and I hope you like it as much as I do,” added the artist.

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