“In addition to homework, projects and many more things to learn, we also need … music! And music without dance or dance without music does not exist! Hence the inspiration for the new song, “We are not leaving here,” says Maia.
As for the song, Maia Malancus thanks Marius Moga for trusting and supporting her in everything she does.

Maia Malancus - We are not leaving here

Maia Malancus

“We are not leaving here”



“I am very happy to have released my first play! I thank Marius Moga, Marius Mirica, Loredana Cavasdan, Robert Toma, and Adda – because she has agreed to sing this song with me and I also thank the whole team that worked on this project! “ said Maia.

“I’m in love with Maia irremediably. I adore her. She is a mountain of talent and energy and I’m very glad to be part of her first single. I wish her a beautiful and spectacular musical journey. ” said ADDA.

Maia Malancus & ADDA

Maia Malancus feat ADDA

I want to fly




The song “Broken on the inside” was written together with her sister, Diana, under the guidance of Professor Petran Paveliuc, at the music school, Petran Music School.

Maia & Diana " Broken on the inside"

Maia & Diana " Broken on the inside"