The Voice of Romania Junior

“Participating in The Voice of Romania Junior was a wonderful experience for me because I gained new friends, I met many artists, I had the joy of working with Marius Moga, from whom we learned a lot, so we managed to win the contest. Last but not least, I met people who trusted me and my talent, “confesses Maia, who thanked those who voted and supported her.

The unseen auditions, Voice of Romania Junior: Bang Bang-Jessie J, Nicki Minaj

Battles were an extremely difficult time for Moga, who had to give up other good voices, but his choice was Maia. The little girl sang the song “Tot mai sus” and impressed people with her voice once more, but also with her attitude on stage, the happiness and the overflowing energy.

Battles, The Voice of Romania Junior, “Tot mai sus” – Guess Who feat Marius Moga

In the semifinal, the coaches and semi-finalists sang the song “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” from the successful Broadway musical “Annie”.

Intro Theme of The Romanian Voice Junior Semifinal.

Even though she was the youngest competitor in the Voice of Romania Junior Semifinal, Maia managed to interpret the song “Stone Cold” in a mature way and she delivered it with a lot of emotion, Moga relying on her, again, this time for the grand final.

The Voice of Romania Junior Semifinal, “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato

The Moga team sends a special message to Marius Moga

In the finals, Maia presented three fascinating moments. Together with What’s Up, the little one sang the song “K la Meteo”, and together with her coach, Marius Moga, she interpreted the song “Pe barba mea”.

“K la Meteo” – What’s Up feat Andra

“Pe barba mea” – Marius Moga

The winner of the first season of The Voice of Romania Junior ended the competition in great force and sang the song “Girl on fire”.

“Girl On Fire” – Alicia Keys

Announcement of the winner

Maia tells us about her experience at The Voice of Romania Junior:

Vocea Romanei Junior

“The story started with my mother who enrolled me in this contest and I remember that, at the preselections of” The Voice of Romania Junior ” in Iasi, I only had 2 songs in the repertoire: AC / DC -” Highway to Hell “and Talisman -” Numai una”. I felt so good, I was playing, I was laughing and the fact that I did not have a larger repertoire only worried my mom! I sang AC / DC in front of the jury, and everything was fine. At the preselections in Bucharest they asked me to sing another song and I immediately learned “Bang, Bang” – Jessie J, a song with which I participated at the unseen auditions and I was able to impress the jury and turn all three chairs.

Concert rock

I chose Marius Moga as my coach, that was the way I felt, there was nothing premeditated and together we went on this great adventure! In the finals, things were a little more complicated for me because, by not having a repertoire, I learned a song every day to figure out what suits my voice and personality. If until then my mother worried that I did not have a repertoire, now look at this repertoire!!! We always used to laugh at this when we were in the hotel room and we were learning the songs! Then, in the morning, I practiced in the room, the technique and vocalization with the vocal coach, and in the afternoon I met Marius at DeMoga Music studio and studied the chosen songs: we modified them, changing and working on their interpretation or we went to the Kentaurus studios where the shooting and rehearsals for the Finals of “The Voice of Romania Junior” took place!

Concert rock

There were three more days and I did not have the solo song, it seemed that no song suited my voice, not to mention that the song “Pe barba mea” was rehearsed the day before the Finals, because we had been working on another song to which I gave up, assuming the risk of failing. I remember that I went on stage with Marius and I asked him: “When I have to come in, give me a sign, okay?” Emotions, joy, playfulness, great friends, amazing memories, all these represent for me “The Voice of Romania Junior”! I thank Marius Moga for trusting me, my voice and my talent!

Concert rock

I did not make any plans to get to the Finals, I was just hoping like all the other children and so, with a lot of work, I managed, together with Marius Moga, to win the first season of this competition. From here on, my life got another meaning: I met many artists, I collaborated and sang with them, concerts, recordings, much, much fun, joy, what can I say … a real artist’s life !!!

Concert rock