Alternative Biography

"Hey, hello! I want to know you better!" Most fans say.

Okay! Make yourself comfortable, feel like being at the cinema, grab a popcorn, a refresher and have the chance to discover Maia beyond the musical notes!

The topics discussed in this section are extremely varied, from Q / A, travel, shopping, daily or morning routine, to imitation of voices, moments from different shows or from the backstage, as well as other topics all presented in the own style of the artist, sincerely and with many smiles.


Live la DeMoga Music & Narcotic Creation

Iarna într-o piscină exterioară ! / Outdoor pool

Ghicește vârsta / Guess my age I Challenge

Mândra că sunt româncă ! “Deșteaptă-te, romane!” Maia Mălăncuș

Cine are fitze și e smart? cu Maia Mălăncuș

Q&A 2; Halloween / ….” Dar nu ma lasa fanele…!”

Camera mea/distracție la shopping !

My Daily Routine: It’s not my boyfriend !

Behind the Scenes: Maia Mălăncuș

Q&A; “Ai numărul lui Marius MOGA ?”

PRIMUL MEU VLOG; o imit pe Ioana Ignat, Shakira și Britney Spears